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Files and raps are tools used for filing and cutting of all kinds of material: e.g. metal, wood, plastics, leather, etc.
To avoid delay when ordering, it is necessary for buyers to stipulate the following:
1) Name or kind of the tool and/or catalogue number.
2) Length in inches or mm, which is nearly always measured exclusive of the tang. 1 inch = 25mm.
3) Cut with reference to coarseness of the teeth and the kind of cut – single or double cut. Machinist’s Files are usually double cut with over and up cut. Saw Files – single cut.
The terms for coarseness of the teeth for Machinist’s Files, Saw Files and Rasps are : bastard (cut1), second cut (cut 2), smooth (cut 3), dead smooth (cut4), for same kind coarse, rough (cut 0). For Precision files cuts No. 000-6 (bastard =00, smooth =1).
Export packing
The files and rasps are wrapped in paper, packed up in card-board boxes of a dozen (or half dozen), and staked in export boxes or wooden cases.
All prices are for carton quantities only. A 15% surcharge will be invoiced on split cartons. Unless otherwise informed we shall increase your orders to packing units.
Dimensions and Weights:
This catalogue is issued according to ISO and ÖNORM.
Tolerances according to ISO and ÖNORM:

Files        ≤ 6 inches: width ± 0,6 inches, 1,6mm
              150mm thickness ± 0,03 inches, 0,8 mm

Rasps      ≥ 6 inches: width and thickness ± 0,06 inches, 1,6mm

Kind and sizes not listed will be made on request provided a corresponding quantity can be ordered. If possible samples requested.

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