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Historically, the first written reference to our file production was discovered in the registers of a Church in Konstanz, near the lake Bodensee. It mentioned the company’s founder and my ancestor, Mr. Isidor Braun, considered a master in file grinding and file teeth cutting.

Our company, however, was only officially established in 1792, having moved to upper-Austria later, in the middle of 1848.
Our Blu-Dan trademark, a tribute to the Blue Danube River that crosses Austria, was officially registered in 1952, and is recognized world widely as a symbol of quality and performance among professional tools. Accordingly, and after several tests from independent authorities, our trademark was awarded with the «Austrian Trademark» quality Seal.

In 2005, the need to expand our production in order to meet customer´s growing demand, took us to purchase the Tomé Fèteira File Company, in Portugal.

This is also a centennial file company, founded in 1856, with trained workers, superior product quality, and a production plant with over 40.000 square metres.

Due to the benefits of an economy of scale, in 2010 all production was already concentrated in Portugal, providing savings in costs through an increased level of production. This is particularly important because we know you need the best quality at the best price!

These 2 companies’ know-how, tradition and craftsmanship, combined with constant innovation and development, have projected the Blu-Dan brand to the world top position it has today.




Founding of the Factory in Austria.
(Transfer of the file production from Constance where it started in 1798).


Due to the outstanding quality of the files the plant obtained an excellent reputation.


World Fair in Vienna.


Awards for Products and Quality.
Emperor Franz Josef visited the plant.


The company was issued a patent for special chromium molybdenum vanadium steel.


50th Aniversary Celebration.


100th Aniversary Celebration.

1950 – 1965

Internationalization of the file factory.
Export of files to Europe and USA.


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